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Telecom Line Auditing

Our Telecom Audit & Optimization services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line with typical savings ranging from 10 to 15%. Audit & Optimization is a great complement to our other telecom management services.

Few companies have the resources and expertise needed to review their telecom charges on a regular basis for inaccuracies and overcharging by their carriers. Whether it’s incorrect billing practices, under-leveraged services, contract non-compliance or simple errors, the losses can be significant.

Studies indicate that typical billing errors range anywhere from 12-20%, the vast majority of the errors being in the carriers’ favor. Audit & Optimization should be your first step in turning the odds in your favor, recovering incorrect billing payments and avoiding them all together in the future.

Our services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line by identifying potential problem areas in your telecom spend and recovering those losses while there’s still time. More importantly our monthly audits assure you don’t experience the same errors in the future. And with typical client savings ranging from 15 to 25% it’s an easy investment to justify.

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