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Our Profile

We have been in the Telco world since the early 90’s, during that time we have seen evolution occur across many technologies and the birth of many more and we have also seen many technologies that prove to go nowhere, this has given us the ability to see what is and isn’t of real benefit to our clients and ensures they only spend money on areas that will bring genuine benefit to their businesses.


Offering a vast and comprehensive range of telecommunications, networking and other I.T. related services, we strive to achieve a perfect result first-time, every-time. Specialising in a wide array of products and services, ranging from PABX sales to repairs, upgrades and maintenance, we also specialise in peripherals, networks and emerging technologies.


Our team has proven subject matter expertise and product knowledge across a broad set of areas. Many have prior experience as employees of leading vendors or their acquired companies, and understand not only the standard product functionality but also the tips and tricks involved in getting a solution to work in your environment. This coupled with strong execution capabilities are a big reason why our customers keep coming back to us for more!

Our goal is to get it done right to maintain integrity of the work completed and achieve customer satisfaction.


Professionalism, experience and competency in our work give us the confidence to promise and guarantee our work.




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