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Call Acounting

Call Accounting is the fundamental management tool for Telecom cost control and cost management for any organisation. Call Accounting effectively “opens up the books” on all call activity, providing detailed and summary reporting and analytics on a real time or scheduled basis. Available as a software package running on a PC or as “SAAS“ Software As a Service, Call Accounting logs every call placed or received through an organisation’s telecom facilities whether PBX, IPT, Mobile or Dealer System, and creates permanent records which include call charges, destination, originating extension and cost centre, etc., making the accumulated information available for immediate management use.

Benefits of Call Accounting include:


  • Cost Control Implement control policies for staff personal phone usage

  • Cost Allocation Allocate carrier charges to responsible cost centres

  • Client Billing Back-bill call charges to clients or to project cost centres

  • Fraud / Hacker Control Detect toll fraud, Hacker attacks and other abuse

  • Carrier Overbilling Verify bills, detect and isolate overbilled items

  • System Optimisation Ensure you are achieving optimum efficiency from your voice platforms

  • Employee Productivity Measure and analyse employee talk time for any call destinations or categories

  • Compliance and Risk Management Immediately identify the source of any call in or out; permanently archive all call records




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