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We believe your WiFi should be just that; yours. Unlike other WiFi providers, we don’t need to have our name on your service. We help you to make your WiFi completely your own, helping you to boost your brand.

We can offer you a wealth of data about your customers collected via the WiFi service. Find out how long they spend with you, their direction of travel around your premises and (with their permission) other more personal details, such as their email and address, even their interests. Imagine how useful this insight could be.

Some WiFi operators will charge you to run the network. Some will offer you a share of the revenue generated by their own WiFi customers. But why restrict yourself to just one operator? We know it’s not viable for every WiFi operator to install their own equipment at your premises. So by building a wholesale WiFi network, we can not only provide you with your own WiFi coverage, but allow all mobile operators and ISPs to run their networks too – all from a single network infrastructure.

What do your customers really want from WiFi connectivity? It’s simple: they want WiFi that just works. That means a service that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Because we are business WiFi specialists, our network has been built with busy, high-footfall locations in mind, so it won’t let you (or your customers) down. We use the latest technology and decades of wireless communications expertise.

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