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​Micro Wave​

When it comes to managing microwave backhaul throughput, quality infrastructure makes all the difference.

Inferior antennas might save money on the front end, but they invariably lead to higher operational costs and reduced durability. That’s a long-term liability that also leads to downtime with failed backhaul links.

Microwave system solutions by CommScope address those challenges. You’ll be able to better manage demand for microwave backhaul throughput, a reliability that also delivers:

This is supplemented by our traditional long-haul antennas that have been serving the industry since its inception. Where microwave links are required in the most hostile of environments, our ExtremeLine® range of antennas provides the solution. And finally, our innovative range of Sentinel® ultra-low slide-lobe antennas offers unrivalled capability in today’s highly congested networks.

Our microwave antenna ranges are complemented by a complete range of connectivity solutions–elliptical waveguide and accessories; dehydration and pressurization products; and flextwists and rigid waveguide components. All designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure your network runs smoothly and seamlessly.

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