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1300 & 1800 Toll Free no.s

Make it easier for your customer to do business with you. 1300/1800 Services allow your customers to easily contact you on one number from anywhere in Australia.

1300 Services is the ideal customer service solution for businesses currently serving limited areas or small communities. With a 1-300 Services number, you can expand your business coverage instantly. It is an affordable service for companies to reach out to new customers outside their local area.


Using a 1800 Number in Australia improves your relationships with clients. New customers are more likely to contact you because the call is free. You can offer your existing customers free, helpful support, when they need help and advice.


Benefits of Using 1800 Services:


  • Maximizes your market reach

  • Enhances customer service by responding to enquiries, complaints and feedback quickly and effectively

  • Increases control over operating cost

  • Increases Sales

  • Improves customer loyalty, satisfaction and confidence to your company.

  • Tap into new markets by knowing where are the potential geographical areas for your business



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