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Billing Analysis

We discovered hundreds of cost management methods to cut excessive expenditure for clients through our expert telecommunications audits. Our telecom audits, phone bill analysis services and compliance audits often reveal egregious billing errors and compliance issues that can cost our clients thousands of dollars in superfluous fees each and every month. In fact, by utilizing our skillful cost management and control services, many of our bill management clients can save between 20 to 60 percent on their average outgoing telecom expenses.


During our complete telecommunications auditing process, our consultants examine past and current telecom bills. Some of the most prevalent billing issues found by our telecom billing consultants include:

  • Contract compliance issues

  • Undisclosed customized/tariff contract offerings

  • Misrepresentation by carriers of tariff rates and plans

  • Billing discrepancies due to carrier mistakes

  • Unused/defunct services

  • Erroneous tax payments


Fortunately, our experienced consultants are able to act on your behalf to obtain retroactive refunds for many of the billing errors uncovered in telecom audits.


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